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EB Games Preorder Bonus (Australia)


Okay, I’ve just discovered the first preorder bonus available, brace yourselves guys, it a…*drumroll*…commemorative coin!!

Now let’s get this clear, I love Pokemon, I love shiny things, and I most certainly love money. So ordinarily this bonus would be right up my alley, if it weren’t so… well… random.

This glimmering tribute to Kyurem comes in an acrylic display case, free when you preorder Pokemon Black/White Version 2 – Kyurem Edition ($58) from EB Games. And no, before you can ask, the coin cannot be used as real money.

There are two different designs, dependent on which version game you buy. Admittedly they do look pretty cool :3 Although it remains to be seen if they are actually made of metal or just plastic; the pictures make it hard to tell.

I’ll keep you all up to date if I find any other preorder bonuses, I’m waiting for the major department stores to include the games in their catalogs for now. Hopefully something good (and actually useful) will show up ^_^;

Thoughts, anyone? For more information visit the EB Games site:—Kyurem-Edition-Nintendo-DS



Pokemon Black and White 2


Just letting you all know (not that anyone’s reading this yet) that the release date in Australia for Pokemon Black and White 2 is the 11th of October, and that it looks like it’ll cost around $58. I’ll snoop around for the good deals and pre-order specials closer to release date. I still remember when I got an official guide the size of a phone book free when I pre-ordered platinum…