Triple Porygon Event

Porygon event

This event is available via Global Link and includes an event Porygon, a Porygon2 doll and a Porygon-z c-gear skin. The instructions provided on Global Link are:

To start, you can get the Pokémon Porygon via special password distribution. Head to and look for a news article that will reveal the password. Then, head over to to find another password that will let you get a Porygon-Z C-Gear skin.

Also, head to the Pokémon Global Link Promotions page now to get a Porygon2 Doll. Once you get the Porygon2 Doll on the promotions page, visit the Pokémon Dream World to see it in your Dream Catalogue with a cost of zero points!

Thanks for visiting the improved Pokémon Global Link! As you claim these cool items, be sure to look around see all the new and updated features!

You will need a Dream World account to recieve these Pokemon. Find the IGN password at:

and the password at:

If you know of any events that include Australia that’s not on this blog, please tell me so I can include it ^_^


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