New Decor for Trainer Club Members


Rare Pokemon Dolls (for the dream world, not the real one) will be made available in the catalog to members of the trainer club. Over the next few months, passwords will be arriving in trainer club accounts’ message inbox, unlocking certain decor dolls. The first password unlocks Reshiram, Zekrom and Keldeo.

For more information visit:

If you don’t have a trainer account but want one, click on the above link and there should be the option to join in the top right corner. Obviously to receive the dolls you will need a dream world account.


Keldeo Event Visits Australia


Yes, it has been confirmed, Keldeo is coming to Australia. This special distribution event will be held at participating EB Games and Target stores from September 15th to October 10th, which is, come to think of it, right now.

To receive it head over to the nearest participating store with a copy of Pokemon Black/White and select Mystery Gift – Receive Gift – Get via Wireless.

Keldeo comes with the moves Aqua Jet, Leer, Double Kick, BubbleBeam, the ability Justified, and can be transferred into Black/White 2 to unlock the secret sword event.

For more information visit:

For a listing of participating stores:

Mew Prize Pack

Prize gif

My worst fears, unfortunately, have come to pass. The downloadable prize pack consists of the above .gif, a wallpaper and a screensaver. I was hoping that there would at least be a c-gear skin, but evidently not. The .gif looks kinda cool at first, but after close inspection, mew’s smile looks creepy :S

Download the prizes at the official site:

Klink C-Gear Skin


Haven’t posted in a while -.- oops

But a Klink C-Gear skin is now available via global link. You’ll need the password from:

This skin actually looks pretty cool…

Pokemon Power Bracket Winner


Mew has officially won the Pokemon Power Bracket, besting 34 other legendary Pokemon. Mew will be taking over the homepage of, although it doesn’t seem to be in effect yet. The digital prize pack will be available to download on the 6th of September. They haven’t announced what it will include yet, so I’m hoping it won’t just be a free wallpaper.

EB Games Preorder Bonus (Australia)


Okay, I’ve just discovered the first preorder bonus available, brace yourselves guys, it a…*drumroll*…commemorative coin!!

Now let’s get this clear, I love Pokemon, I love shiny things, and I most certainly love money. So ordinarily this bonus would be right up my alley, if it weren’t so… well… random.

This glimmering tribute to Kyurem comes in an acrylic display case, free when you preorder Pokemon Black/White Version 2 – Kyurem Edition ($58) from EB Games. And no, before you can ask, the coin cannot be used as real money.

There are two different designs, dependent on which version game you buy. Admittedly they do look pretty cool :3 Although it remains to be seen if they are actually made of metal or just plastic; the pictures make it hard to tell.

I’ll keep you all up to date if I find any other preorder bonuses, I’m waiting for the major department stores to include the games in their catalogs for now. Hopefully something good (and actually useful) will show up ^_^;

Thoughts, anyone? For more information visit the EB Games site:—Kyurem-Edition-Nintendo-DS


Pokemon World Championships C-Gear 2012

To celebrate the 2012 Pokemon World Championships in Hawaii, a C-Gear will be made available until September 6th. This is, as per usual, a global link event, so you’ll need a dream world account to receive it in game. Follow the link for the password required:


The championships ended with the very first 3-peat World Champion in US Masters Division Pokémon video game player (whatever that’s supposed to mean). Interestingly, in Pokemon Black & White 2 we’ll be able to battle against the teams of the top players in a new feature called Pokemon World Tournament. It’ll be interesting to see how these teams will function when they’re computer controlled…

In addition, the Pokemon Power Bracket is already in the semi finals; Celebi vs. Mew, Mewtwo vs. Rayquaza. I’m hoping for it to end in a battle between Mew and Mewtwo (First Pokemon movie anyone?), but it looks like Mewtwo will lose to Rayquaza (not that Rayquaza isn’t cool). Remember to vote here:


Keldeo Event on the Horizon?

Keldeo, unofficial fourth member of the legendary musketeers, was officially revealed in February of this year. Nobody seems to have told the American branch however, so we’ll get to enjoy another unveiling on the 20th of August.

Keldeo is to be officially revealed on the official Pokemon site on the 20th of August. While this news in itself is not particuarly interesting, especially considering that details of Keldeo have been on the internet since they were first leaked to the public on the 13th of February, a more promising bit of news is the announced GameStop event for said Pokemon. Currently I believe that it’s only confirmed for America (from August 27th to October 6th), but this may mean that some time in the (hopefully) near future, GameStop owned EB Games stores will be announcing an event for Australia. We’ll just have to cross our fingers and hope for the event sooner rather than later >_<

Pokemon Conquest Passwords

I’ve come across a few passwords unlocking the ability to link with certain pokemon in Pokemon Conquest and decided to just post them up for the hell of it~

Find the password for Gyarados at:

And Musharna’s password at:

There’s also a list of various other unlockable pokemon at the official site:
I believe that you can only unlock one each month (I haven’t actually tried the game yet T_T, but someday I shall)

I’m pretty sure there are other passwords floating around out there, if you know of any just comment so I can hunt them down and add them to this post.

Pokemon Black and White 2


Just letting you all know (not that anyone’s reading this yet) that the release date in Australia for Pokemon Black and White 2 is the 11th of October, and that it looks like it’ll cost around $58. I’ll snoop around for the good deals and pre-order specials closer to release date. I still remember when I got an official guide the size of a phone book free when I pre-ordered platinum…